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The links below are "Quality" and will direct you to the best sources for Mold information on the web. If you are looking for help with Mold problems such as:

Mold Sickness

Where to actually speak to someone about Mold problems

Where to get Help if you think you are Sick from Mold

How to handle complaining about Mold to a landlord

How to handle complaining about Mold to an Apartment Complex

How to handle complaining about Mold in a work environment

How to protect yourself before complaining about Mold

What to do before you get a Mold Lawyer

Where to get Mold testing and what type testing you might need

We do recommend some Commercial websites. The reason is there is no real Government Agency that  when you "CRY MOLD", will pick up the bat and start swinging for you in your corner.

Right now the Private Sector has the best and most current information and resources concerning Mold. There are as many good people in the Private Sector as there are bad. But it's the same with Government, there is no difference between a lazy Government worker who won't help you, or has bad information, and a common cheat. The end result for you is the same, "No Help".

We strive to help you connect with those organizations we know will help you.


Explore the different reasons you may want to have Mold testing done and the different types of Mold testing commonly offered. This is a .Org site, good information.


This is a Commercial Company, but they will take the time talk to you and help you with some solid advice about your specific Mold Problems. Talking to them can cut out a lot of the trouble you may be headed for. If you leave a message they actually call back. The feed back about them has been good so far.

Diseases Caused by Mold in Humans

This is a Commercial Site, But the information about Mold Sickness is great! They also have a Simple blood test shows in days what  species of Mold is in your body. The feed back on this site has been very good.

The North American Institute Of Technology

This school turns out some of the premier Mold specialist in the country. Give these folks a call they are very helpful. Sometimes a little hard to talk with, but when people have gotten through the feed back has been great!

Mold Sickness.Org

This site will help you to assemble the documentation you'll need before complaining about Mold to employers, landlords or your insurance company. Also other valuable Info.

"The HomeOwner's Guide to Mold"

If you have Mold problems, this is a good book. Lot's of color photos, talks about all aspects of Mold. On sale at all Lowe's, some Home Depots, Barnes & Noble, Boarders Books, and It's worth it. Published by RS MEANS.


This site provides good feed back(email only) and can help provide direction when you are faced with multiple decisions regarding Mold. They can direct you to State, Local, City and Federal authorities that can help you with Mold problems. They can also offer advice about dealing with the Insurance Company regarding Mold and help you navigate your way through the murky waters of Mold facts.

Get Mold Tested

America's Mold resource center. Legal, testing and remediation. NEW LIVE HELP LINE For Mold Questions

BioCide Corporation

Products that really Kill Mold EPA approved

Lab TestCO tests for the symptoms of mold exposure and Mold Fine Particulates in the human body