Glossa super Canticum Canticorum; Iohannes Russel: The passages in quire XII have several characteristics in common, which they share with the other missing passages. The index was not added to the manuscript until long after it had ended up in Assisi. The most convincing correspondence between the compiler’s personal notes and the postscript he wrote is to be found in the following passage:. In a number of cases Glossa Tripartita has more extensive borrowings from Thomas Gallus than the Utrecht. Introduction This article presented three different kinds of research on Glossa Tripartita. The conditions referred to are summed up on face 72 in section a.

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A further specification is to be found in the old catalogue of Schnals: Canticum enim illud uidetur constituí in modum psalterii decacordi. A deviation on f. Revendiquez gratuitement votre fiche de commerce pour que vos modifications soient publiées immédiatement. Assisi, except for one minor borrowing 67rbM, 64vaAsswhich might well stem from a different, common source. Samaran, Catalogue, III, p.

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From the first half of the thirteenth century onwards, the commentators had technical aids at their disposal, with which they could handle the commentaries on the Song of Songs already available in such profusion. What little is known about Russel is found in Smalley’s article. Io- hannes Russel O. Cenci starts 7lra giving the explicit mentioned by Ioli — the explicit of quire XI — and says that the text goes on from there.

This means that the textual organization as found in quires I through VIII constituted the norm for the entire text This study will show how this commentary from a minor Franciscan master grew to its definitive shape in the course of many years.


Written in two columns. On this and similar bindings, see Dr.

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On average, 8ra leaves of the last quire are smaller, viz. Here are two examples: Non enim omnium est sciencia, ut dicit i Cor.

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This veil is a symbol of the four ways of interpretation: Ad presens uero breuiter repeto que huic tractatui uidentur necessario premittenda, eo.

I have tried to base my statements on facts as much as possible, yet I should like to put forth one somewhat intuitive hypothesis, which arises from the present data, yet transcends them.

In MS Assisi, this part of the text coincides with quires X and XI, written by hands 5 through 9; 7 A less important conclusion to be drawn from the table is the fact that the number of borrowings from Cantuariensis gradually decreases. Cliquez sur Choisir les éléments à effacer situé sous Effacer les données de navigation.

Yet there is sufficient reason to assume that a predecessor 7irx the text in MS Utrecht was used as a source text for Glossa Tripartita, this predecessor being a somewhat more extensive and accurate version of the text found in abbreviated and diluted form in MS Utrecht.

Gumbert for his help in the transcription and interpretation d this text. Below this explanation there is a graphic representation of a left-hand together with a right-hand page, marked with the places for the page number and marginal letters.

It is quite exceptional that an author chooses a theme that continues to play such an important part later on. Envoyer par SMS sur votre téléphone.

7ira w 8ira

This must have consisted of eighteen leaves, now no longer forming part of the manuscript. Quire signature on f.


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The theory of the critical scribe 1 is not tenable either, as will be shown later. On leaves and this is obviously the case because the scribe just did not pay all that much attention to the ruling. This modernization has not been carried out all that consistently, though: Sic sponsa Christi nigra est quatuor modis: This part of the text in MS Assisi has no borrowings from Cantuariensis at all, not excepting those belonging to f.

It is clear then that the author of Glossa Tripartita here uses the designation Cantuariensis for its author, as does MS Innsbruck:. On the front cover in red ink: At this point, we cannot do much more than look about us and give a name to what we see.

7ira w 8ira

Nous n’avons pas réussi à vous trouver! At the bottom of f.

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In MS Assisi we can now discern the genesis of the commentary on the Song of Songs entitled Glossa Tripartita, as it shows us the procedures the author used in writing his text. MS Assisi only has three minor gaps when compared to f. The differences between the versions can be easily described by collating the texts of the four manuscripts.

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